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Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

The Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry was founded by Professor Raymond N. Castle in 1964. Volume 1 number 1 was published in February of that year and contained 15 articles. The goal of the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry has been to publish timely manuscripts on any aspect of heterocyclic chemistry.

All articles of the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry from 1964 to current year are available through the website. Abstracts of the articles can be viewed free of charge and PDF-files of the articles can be downloaded for a small fee. The database that contains more than 100,000 structures can be searched via the Internet on exact structure or substructure.

Language: English
Abbreviation Title: Chem. Lett.
Journal Coden: JHTCAD
ISSN: 0022-152X (print)
Journal homepage: Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry website

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