Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry is a peer-reviewed journal, published since 1959 by the American Chemical Society. It was originally published as the Journal of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, but changed its name in 1963 to the current title.

The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry publishes original research on the correlation of molecular structure to biological activity with a focus on the relationships of chemistry to biological activity. This includes design and synthesis of novel biologically active compounds, molecular modifications designed to target drugs to specific tissues, application of NMR and X-ray crystallography to investigate molecular recognition at receptors, molecular modeling studies that furnish fresh insight into the design of novel agents, and molecular biology studies to study the interaction of ligands and receptors.

Language: English
Abbreviation Title: J. Med. Chem.
Journal Coden: JMCMAR
ISSN: 0022-2623 (print), 1520-4804 (web)
Journal homepage: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry website

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