Text Search

This page allows you to search the entire ChemSynthesis database using a number of criteria. Text search is the fastest and the easiest way to search the database. You just enter a value/keyword and click on the search button. You can search for substances by IUPAC, full and partial trade name, InChIKey, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula, molecular weight and journal title.

How to use Text search?

To begin searching the database, simply enter the information to be searched into the appropriate text field.

Simple text search

Please select appropriate fields and enter the data you are looking for:

Advanced text search

This allows you to combine different field searches. All searches that exist on the form are combined (using the Boolean AND operator) when the search button is clicked, and the resulting hit list provides only those hits that satisfy all the search terms.

For example, you can find all indoles from the Journal of Organic Chemistry. You just enter "indole" as the chemical name and "Journal of Organic Chemistry" as the synthesis reference.