Chemical Search by Structure

The "Structure Search" feature is used to locate substances by chemical structure. Simply draw a structure or structure fragment in the editor provided and click the search button. Java-VM and JavaScript have to be enabled in your browser! JME Editor courtesy of Peter Ertl, Novartis.

Substituent menu

This option allows fast and convenient creation of common organic substituents. Select simply a substituent from the menu and click atom in the JME drawing area to which substituent should be added.

Functional Groups:

You have to enable JavaScript in your browser to use JSME!

Did you know?

You can block substituents at a particular position by drawing explicit hydrogen atoms.
You must add a bond and then add a hydrogen using the X atom function (symbol H). Click on the 'X', a window will open. In this window you can also enter other atoms i.e. Si, Na, Se, etc.

Total Hits: Increasing the total hits will cause slower search times.

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